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1.Observing the law:Observe Chinese law and manage honestly. 


2.Safety and Health: Supply the employees with places which have been approved to be safe for working and living by construction department of local government and keep the environment clean. The drinking water has been tested to conform with the drinking water standard of WHO by related department of local government. 


3.Reasonable Hire: Not hire the staffs who are under 16 years old. It is free for the workers who are from 16 to 18 yeas old to have a check-up every year. 


4.Molestation or Maltreatment: Ensure not to use any manner to molest and maltreat the staffs, such as: sexual harassment, spiritual punishment and abuse or corporal punishment and maltreatment. 


5.Discrimination: Forbid any discrimination by reason of sex, race, nation, family background, religious belief, age, deformity, sexual freedom and political viewpoint. 


6.Working Time: Not request the staffs to work beyond the statutory working hours except for special situation. Overtime is not allowed to be beyond 60 hours every month. The staffs have one day off every week and have the right to ask for leave and have a holiday during statutory holiday. 


7.Salary and Welfare: Ensure the staffs'''' salary is not under the lowest salary standards which are ordained by local government, every staff can enjoy the welfare which is offered by the company. 


8.Freedom of Association: Respect staffs'''' legal and peaceful association and the rights of joining in any legal organization without punishment and interference. 


9.Environmental Protection: Abide by the standards of emitting pollution and which are ordained by local government.